Granny  Short Film

Director : Francis Castelli

Writer : Michelle Crane

Production Company : Castelli & Co and Nylander Shaw

Production Designer : Alexa Hartle

Preston, 1972. This true story explores the secrets we keep within and why. A young boy reluctantly visits his Granny for the afternoon unknowingly helping her to pack away a significant part of her life. This short film tells us about Lizzy Ashcroft as an older woman living alone, in contrast to her ‘golden days’ travelling, playing sports and experiencing a freedom in the 1920’s and 30’s unlike her generation had ever known before. The film explores why despite being a footballer for fifteen years, she finally had to retire in 1935 and subsequently packed away this important, happy, part of her life. It leaves us questioning how we don’t always truly know those who are closest to us.